Can I change to raw food immediately?

For dogs yes, a straight switch is best but for cats the change needs to be more gradual. If switching to raw for your dog we do not recommend feeding raw alongside kibble, a straight, clean switch is best. For cats we have detailed guides in the shop on the best way to gradually switch them over.

How do I make the transition?

For dogs we recommend a straight switch to raw, its best to come in and see us, or to give us a call and we will chat with you about how much to feed, what to feed and how to get started. For cats we recommend a more gradual switch, which involves adding a small amount of raw to their existing food and gradually increasing how much raw they are having. We have a great leaflet in the shop which details how to switch your cats to raw.

Do I need to cook Natural Raw Foods before I feed it to my pet?

No! Raw food should be served raw, as intended. Cooking the food means you will be cooking the bone contained in the recipe, which even though it has been ground and minced, may cause even small fragments to become brittle or sharp.

Is it too expensive?

No. Most customers who make the transition are surprised at the cost, as its often assumed a raw diet will be very expensive. It can cost as little as £1.75 per day to feed a 25kg dog. Plus, think of the future vets bills you will be saving and the healthy pet you will have in return.

How should I handle raw pet food?

As with handling any raw meat, you should ensure that your hands are washed with soap and water before touching anything else. Clean any juice spills to ensure safety for both you and your pets. Do not allow cross-contamination between surfaces of raw foods and cooked meats. Always make sure that your pet's bowl is washed clean before and after each meal.

Can I feed my dog or cat raw bones?

The simple answer is yes, provided they haven’t been cooked first as this makes them brittle which potentially could cause serious damage to your pets gut. Also, do not allow your pet to eat bones which have dried out as these can also splinter like cooked bones and become dangerous. Dogs and Cats need to learn how to chew bones. Chewing on raw bones also helps to clean your dog’s or cat’s teeth. It is important when giving your pet anything to chew that you select an appropriate sized bone according to your pets age, size, breed and experience. You must supervise your pet when feeding them bones. • Supervise - Always supervise your pet when feeding bones. • Separate - If you have a multi-dog / cat household separate them when feeding bones to avoid fights. • Size - You may initially have to teach your pet to eat bones, especially if they like to gulp their food. Start with a bone larger than the size of your pet’s head to ensure it can’t be swallowed e.g. a cow femur (knuckle end) for giant breeds.

How much should I feed my dog?

Variable factors like lifestyle, appetite and temperament can all impact on a pet’s eventual weight, which is why there is no substitute for knowing your pet. We recommend that a healthy dog should have a natural waist and that you should be able to feel, but not see, their ribcage. As a rule, an adult dog should eat around 2% to 3% of its ideal body weight per day. For example, a dog weighing 10kg should eat 200g to 300g per day.

How much should I feed my puppy?

Puppies will need approximately 5% to 6% of their body weight per day until they are fully grown. Once your puppy is fully grown, we recommend feeding 2% to 3% of their ideal body weight per day. This should be reduced gradually. Weigh your puppy regularly to ensure you are feeding the correct amounts.

Is there a minimum Order?

Yes, we ask that all raw mince orders have a minimum of 5kg, same applies to raw bones. This helps to ensure the food stays frozen in transit. For our natural food products like Meatlove or Cold Pressed, contact us using the contact box to discuss your order requirements.

How will my order arrive?

We do all our own deliveries, we are out Tuesday and Thurday evenings, and Friday afternoons. If you have a specific delivery requirement please contact us when you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you do same day delivery?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed, as we plan our route in advance, if you need a same day delivery contact us to ensure we can get your delivery out to you the same day.

How will my order be packaged?

We deliver using insulated polystyrene boxes, they are designed to keep the raw food frozen. We ask that you dispose of these, rather than returning to them to us.

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