The MeruMhor Team and our Dog Food Journey

As dog owners we always seek the best for our dogs, best in nutrition, best training, best in vetinary care. When Colin and Joyce found themselves with a young German Shepard, who was struggling with her digestion, they were told she would likely only be with them for about 3 years. Armed with this Colin decided to look into the best way to help Meru with her digestive issues. During a training session, Colin was advised by his trainer to try giving Meru raw chicken wings, surly not he thought as all the advice until then had been the opposite to avoid raw bones. Reassured by his trainer he thought he would give it a go, and overnight Meru had an improvement in her digestion. A few days on and she was like a different dog, so Colin researched Raw Feeding, reading the theories behind biologically appropriate, natural diets, looking into how to feed a balanced, healthy diet and why this is best. There were three dogs in the pack at this time, so Colin and Joyce switched them all onto raw, and could see the benefits for each individual dog, so they were in no doubt that this was the way to feed their dogs.

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